Hippopandamouse publication day!


Hippo Panda Post!

Hippo Panda Post!

Endpapers for  The Hippopandamouse  .  Toy Hippopandamouse made by Olga Skavysh.

Endpapers for The Hippopandamouse.

Toy Hippopandamouse made by Olga Skavysh.

I have been writing and illustrating my own stories since I was a child, and I always hoped that one day I would have one of them published. So you can imagine how I felt when this dream finally came true! The Hippopandamouse is a story I wrote in 2007 and is the reason I decided to apply for the MA in Children's Book Illustration at The Cambridge School of Art. I needed to learn the art of sequential story telling and develop my own visual language before I could finally express the story in a way that I was happy with. By the end of the MA I had developed a dummy book for the story and was lucky enough to begin working towards the finished book with the amazing Emily Ford and Chris Inns at Macmillan Children's Books. This period of time has been such a steep learning curve for me and I am so happy with the end result!

Image-1 copy.jpg

Hippopandamouse marshmallows from my lovely agents Bell Lomax Moreton. Made by Boomf.

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Beautiful publication day flowers from the lovely people at Macmillan.


To celebrate I had this gorgeous little Hippopandamouse made by the very talented Olga Skavysh.